Circumcision is a surgical procedure to partially or completely remove the foreskin of the penis. Circumcision is normally done due to religious or cultural reasons. But nowadays it is being performed more and more for health and hygiene reasons.

The medical reasons why circumcision is performed is to counter Phimosis ( foreskin contraction), this condition can lead to painful local irritation and urinary tract infection. Studies have also shown that circumcision can also help boys who are suffering from kidney abnormalities, by limiting kidney infections.

Studies are also showing that circumcision can help reduce the risk of HIV transmissions. In some studies, the infection rate was 50% less in circumcised men when compared to uncircumcised men.

Circumcision is usually performed on new born baby boys but can be safely done on boys or men of any age. The qualified doctors who perform this surgery at Dr.Sanjeev are very experienced and have done thousands of such surgeries safely. Full after care instructions and counseling is given to patients and their families.

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