Hymnoplasty is a surgical procedure which restores a women’s hymen, in effect restoring her virginity. The reasons to get hymnoplasty done can be varied but generally they are social or cultural in nature.

Some cultures like those in India and Middle East place high value on a young women being a virgin on her wedding night. Unfortunately sometimes this can lead to some serious consequences for the girl and her family; especially if there is no tell tale sign of a little bleeding during the first $exual intercourse between the newly weds.

Ignorance plays a large part in this as most people don’t realize that the hymen doesn’t only get ruptured due to $exual intercourse but also due sporting activities like cycling, gymnastics and even with the use of tampons. In fact it is common for no bleeding to occur even when the hymen is ruptured for the first time.

This unfortunate ignorance on the part of others in society puts a lot of young women in mental stress and anguish, because they are constantly worrying about the reaction of their new husband and his family in case of non bleeding during the wedding night.

The surgical procedure to the hymen is safe and relatively fast. It requires minimal post surgery rest and one can be back to their normal chores within a day or so of the surgery.

The surgeons at Dr.Sanjeev have a lot of experience in performing hymnoplasty and have performed this surgery successfully hundreds of times.

The whole process, leading upto, during and after surgery is done in full confidentiality and your privacy is 100% guaranteed.

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